If you need to arrange a funeral for a loved one, let us help with what happens next.

At a very emotional time you are being asked to make a host of decisions that you had probably never thought about before. 

At Funeral Care Scotland, we will do what we can to make the process easier, and provide you with as much information as you need to arrange a funeral that is a fitting tribute for your loved one.

You may have very specific ideas of what type of funeral you require. In some instances the deceased will have left precise instructions. In other cases, it is up to those closest to them to decide on what is appropriate.
The only legal requirement in the UK for funerals is the death must be certified and registered and the deceased must be buried or cremated.

  • To get started, we require the name, age, and date of birth of the person who has died and the place and date of death.
  • We need to know if your loved one is to be cremated or if a burial is to be arranged, as the procedures are very different.
  • Once decided, we will contact your chosen cemetery, crematorium or burial ground to arrange a date and advise you of this.
  • We can arrange for an obituary notice to be inserted in a newspaper of your choice and help you with the wording of this if required
  • We will find the minister or officiant most suited to your wishes, who will speak to you in depth about the deceased to make the funeral a personal and fitting tribute
  • Other choices to be made which we can assist you with are:-
    • The vehicles:
      For which we have access to a wide range of options
    • Floral Tributes:
      We will be more than happy to recommend a great choice of florists.
    • Charity Collections:
      If people opt for "Family Flowers only" we can collect contributions to your chosen charity instead
    • Choice of Music:
      Listening to the favourite music of your loved one can be of great help in personalising the funeral. 
    • Monumental Masonry:
      A service that offer a vast selection of the finest granite and imported marble headstones.
We are proud to own our Mercedes-Benz Hearse and Limousines in black, we feel this fleet is one of the most prestigious available and with the heritage that Mercedes-Benz has in the area , we are honoured to drive our families and loved ones on their final journeys in these vehicles.

  • Alternative Vehicles
  • White Horse Drawn Hearse
  • Black Horse Drawn Hearse
  • Motorcycle Hearse
  • VW Camper Hearse
  • Bicycle Hearse
  • Vintage Hearse
Personal Request? We will source it for you.

From the moment you receive the unfortunate news to the end of the ceremony, Funeral Care Scotland will provide help, advice and organisation when you most need it.

Our 24-hour service means we can carefully transfer the deceased to our private chapels of rest, where we ensure the highest level of respect, preparation and consideration.

From there, we can arrange a time and a place suitable for us to meet and discuss the various funeral options that we have.

Flowers have long been a traditional feature of many funerals as they make a beautiful tribute. Some people elect to have flowers from close family members only, whilst others consider large amounts of floral tributes as a fitting testament to their loved one.
If you would like flowers to be part of the funeral you are arranging, you might like to take a moment to consider the following:

  • The style you would prefer as the main coffin arrangement
  • The size of the arrangement and the kind of flowers you would like to have included
Whilst our Mercedes-Benz hearses usually have ample space for flowers, some hearses have more restricted space. It’s always good to consider these things before you commit to a particular type of arrangement or hearse.

Many families ask us to arrange flowers on their behalf and we can help you with your selection.
Immediately following a cremation service, floral tributes are normally displayed for a few days at the crematorium, but in due course, they will be removed to make room for others.
For a burial, they will usually remain on the grave or close by.

Sometimes we are asked to take the flowers to another family grave or to donate them to a local worthy causes, where the tributes can be rearranged and made into other more suitable floral displays. If this is something you would like to happen, please let us know.

We can also arrange to collect any cars that are attached to the floral tributes and return them to you so that you know who gave them and have the opportunity to read any messages.
If you wish to have a service sheet printed, we can help you with this. Once you have met with the Minister, Priest or Celebrant and discussed the structure of the funeral service, a layout of the Order of Service can be produced, along with the help of a local printer.

After any changes to the layout has been made, and your approval received. Our printer's will produce the required number of copies and, we will ensure the Order of Service is printed in good time in advance of the service.

Alternatively, you may wish to produce the Order of Service yourself.

We can arrange every aspect of the funeral, including the choice of coffin and time in the chapels of rest. We have all the facilities to ensure that every funeral is carried out as a respectful tribute to that person’s life. You will be cared for with the utmost dignity, respect and tradition.

Our experienced team will support and guide you in arranging a unique and personal funeral service in remembrance of your loved one

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We're available 24 hours 365 days a year