For many, the funeral industry and what happens behind the scenes can be perplexing and daunting. With this in mind, our team has answered some of the frequently asked questions posed to them on a regular basis. If you have a question you would like us to answer,
please do get in touch.
You may wish for your loved one to be dressed in their own clothes to reflect a hobby, job or an outfit of significance. Examples could include a wedding dress, football strip, military uniform, kilts and bikers’ leathers. In certain circumstances, clothing choices are restricted due to local crematoria rules, restricting certain materials.

Yes, if donations to charity are requested in lieu of flowers, we will accept and list donations on your behalf and forward them to the charity of your choice.
The coffin remains on the catafalque until all the people have left the chapel. It is then moved to the cremator and each person is cremated independently. The remains are kept separate and identified throughout the process.
We can put a death notice in a newspaper of your choice, including details of the funeral and any instructions regarding flowers or donations to a charity.
When a funeral is to be webcast, we obtain a link from ‘Obitus Media’. The webcast is available at the time of the funeral so it is ‘streamed’ live at the start, but we also receive a ‘download’ option for those who wish to keep a copy. The link is sent to the family. We cannot offer this service through our own website.
Visual life tributes can be produced by us or we can arrange for a tribute of pictures to be shown at the service. These can also have music attached. A fixed picture can also be shown of your choice.
Any chosen music can be played at local crematoria or cemetery chapels. Most local crematoria use a music system.  We can organise out own music on an ipod and have a good quality speaker for other events.
Yes, in certain circumstances this can be arranged. Please ask your funeral director for advice.
We run our own matching Modern Mercedes-Benz Hearse and Limousines.
We can recommend some local establishments that are able to cater for such events if you decide on a post funeral gathering.
Each limousine can carry 7 family members.
Embalming can help restore a natural and restful appearance, which can bring comfort when visiting a loved one in the reflection room. Embalming is a preservation technique introducing a chemical preservative through the vascular system.
Black is the traditional worn colour at a funeral, but there are now an increasing number of requests for mourners to wear alternative colours, whether that be a favourite colour to reflect their personality or bight colours to celebrate their life.
The cremated remains are normally available 48 hours after the funeral unless otherwise specifically requested. Most crematoriums will retain the cremated remains for a period, giving you time to make your decision about their final resting place.
Jewellery may be left with the deceased or returned according to the wishes of the relatives.

(Please notify us of your wishes).
Yes. Some people choose to leave photos, write their own eulogy or decorate the coffin appropriately (Flag/ribbons). Personalisation is important and we will accommodate any of your requests.
A memorial service occurs when the body is not present and has these main features: gathering of attendees, the service itself and reception. In contrast, a funeral service contains much of the same structure although the deceased’s body is present at the service and there will the opportunity to say goodbye before burial or cremation takes place.
On the day of the Funeral your Funeral Director is there to help and guide you, your family and friends. If you are unsure of anything please ask the Funeral Director. At Funeral Care Scotland we guarantee that the Funeral Director who works with you to arrange the funeral will be the Funeral Director on the day.


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